March 6, 2014

Tony Hawk Pro Skater Mobile

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk has stated that the next game bearing his name might end up only on mobile platforms such as phones and tablets. 

Fans of the Tony Hawk franchise, already know that each game requires a combination of tricks and stunts to be done with a controller. Would the new mobile game involve the same tap/swipe system in the "current" Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 mobile game or a new one? While numerous iPhone accessories in the form of game controllers have come on the market, are fans ready to embrace the change and play the game or possibly franchise, on tiny screens?  It's almost a given that the game will be a "freemium" app, allowing for the purchase of skaters for the roster, additional levels and other related in-game items.

DreamCast Screen Shot
What we hope for, is a new direction and concept with the upcoming game and to take advantage of both mobile and console platforms (we're optimistic with seeing the new games released on the PS4 and XboxOne at some point). Just as Rockstar Games released an app that ties in with the recent Grand Theft Auto 5 game, we'd like the next generation of Tony Hawk games pull off the same type of synergies as well. Stats, events, contests, exclusive content and challenge modes linking both platforms, would be a great start in this new direction. 


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