July 8, 2014

The New 52: Return of the Anti-Heroes With Deathstroke and Lobo

The body-count may rise as some of your favorite DC Comics anti-heroes arrive later in the year in their own respective series.  Both are familiar characters with storied histories. 

Joining the ranks of other anti-hero-themed books such as Sinestro, Catwoman, the Suicide Squad and the highly popular Harley Quinn series, are Deathstroke and Lobo.

Here's a summary of each series:


Slade Wilson returns in an all-new ongoing series written and drawn by Tony Daniel. The revival comes at a time when the character was heavily featured in season 2 of the Arrow TV series. Look for Wilson's return to his own series in October.


Sinestro scribe Cullen Bunn will helm the New 52 adventures of Lobo. It's not the same look for the character as older fans may recall.  Look for the October release.

The Lobo New 52 redesign raised ire among fans who preferred Lobo's original look:

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Images via DC Comics and Comic Book Resources

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