July 8, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 5: Rick and Carol Reunion?

We haven't seen Rick and Carol together since he decided to kick her out of the prison group for a specific reason. Will we see their long-awaited reunion in Season 5? Oh, lets not forget that she's currently caring for Judith as well!

Carol and Tyreese team

Season 4 saw pivotal moments involving Carol Pelletier prior to the fall of the prison from the hands of The Governor and even aftewards.  Carol committed horrific acts in the name of survival.  For those crimes against her fellow survivors, Rick Grimes banished her from the prison stronghold for good.  As we discovered later in the season, Carol was reunited with Tyreese along with Mika, Lizzie and Judith Grimes. This happened moments after the prison downfall and the ensuing escape from the walkers overcoming the prison. Season 4 ends with Carol, Judith and Tyreese on their way to Terminus presumably.

Rick says farewell to Carol

Season 5 raises a lot of interesting questions concerning Rick's actions in the previous season:

Will we see Rick finally reunited with his daughter and the ensuing awkward encounter with Carol? We know that Tyreese has forgiven her after Carol revealed her actions to him this past season.  Will Carol regain the trust of the remaining members, considering her actions during their time in the prison?

We'll have to see!

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