October 28, 2014

Gotham Episode 6: Spirit of The Goat

James Gordon's partner Harvey Bullock, shines in this episode, which is a perfect addition to your Halloween viewing list. Bullock's past returns to haunts him in this spine-tingling story.

A chilling story with a masked killer as it's antagonist, "Spirit of The Goat" delivers an interesting plot twist, that only seasoned veteran Harvey Bullock manages to figure out. A copycat resurrects the Spirit of The Goat identity to prey on the first born children of Gotham's elite families. This brings up Bullock's past encounter with the original killer and the chilling mystery continues from there.

Montoya and Allen on the hunt for evidence
Bullock and Gordon continue their investigation

Montoya and Allen continue their hunt for evidence against Jim Gordon. A new lead for the Major Crimes Unit team pays off and Gordon is humiliatingly arrested at his residence, in front of Barbara. There is a surprise new thorn in their closing investigation when someone shows up at GCPD headquarters, derailing their efforts to throw Gordon in jail.

Final Verdict: 7/9

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