October 22, 2014

Gotham: War Games

Loyalties are tested among the city's crime families while a dangerous drug sweeps through Gotham's streets. Fish Mooney makes her move for revenge against Carmine Falcone.

[ Contains Spoilers ]

As the saying goes, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned or in this case, humiliated. Fish Mooney's relationship with Don Carmine Falcone hasn't been the same since Falcone's men roughed up one of her past lovers. We've seen her carefully and slowly scheme against him and Episode 5 reveals the culmination of her plans.  Aligning herself with Russian mob figure Nikolai is just the beginning as we shockingly discover the depths of Mooney's plans.  The episode ends with Falcone succumbing to the whims of a pretty lady, who just happens to be aligned with Mooney.

Falcone gathers his forces
Maroni makes his move
The fall out over the Arkham Plan continues to be another thorny issue amongst the crime families. Falcone's attack on Maroni's own turf only results in the escalating war. With Oswald Cobblepot at his side, proves his worth to Maroni with a successful raid on Falcone's casino.  Of course, who knows what Cobblepot own motives in this gang war for power. 

Will Cobblepot be the one to topple Falcone and Mooney and take Gotham all for himself?

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