April 6, 2015

Alexandria Safe-Zone: Maggie Greene

With her pregnancy and a husband who is either dead or alive, we wonder what else lies ahead for Maggie Greene?

The recent death of Deanna's husband Reg in the Season 5 finale, has created a interesting situation for Maggie.  Reg and Deanna had placed Maggie under their wing and were mentoring her for some untitled position in the Alexandria Safe-Zone community.  Perhaps Maggie was being groomed for a leadership role as Deanna and Maggie were seen together a lot, prior to Father Gabriel's secret talk with Deanna. Is Maggie in line to be the second-in-command at Alexandria? Perhaps even community leader someday? There's no doubt Rick Grimes, the current constable of the Safe-Zone could possibly take over the distraught and shaken Deanna too.

Is there a bigger role planned for Maggie in her new community?

There's no clue yet if Maggie and Deanna's friendship could ever be mended after recent events. With the death of her own husband, this is certainly a ripe moment for Maggie to take over the leadership position. Despite the numerous tragedies she's endured prior to the team's arrival at Alexandria, Maggie has been resilient through out it all. She did reach out to Father Gabriel and may have helped him slowly restore his faith and duties to the community at large.

Is Maggie finally at peace with the trauma she's faced?
Time will tell if Maggie will have a leadership role in the Alexandria Safe-Zone or even, another community.

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