March 23, 2015

Rick and Carol: The Walking Dead

Despite having an issue with her previous actions during their time in the prison, Rick and Carol's relationship appeared to have solidified ever since she rescued the gang from the cannibals at Terminus. A look back at their evolving friendship as they face new dangers ahead.

Rick and Carol haven't had the most easiest of friendships in the zombie apocalypse. After all, Rick banished Carol from the prison stronghold after discovering her horrific actions towards her fellow survivors in Season 4. What complicated this relationship is that Carol was also Judith's protector and care-giver, after the Governor overran the prison with forces and subsequent walker attack.

Carol and Rick on the move in Season 4
Their awkward reunion during the start of Season 5, showed Rick willing to forget her past actions and fully welcome her back with the group. Carol may not have been so comfortable though as we witnessed her leaving the group, while at Father Gabriel's church. Had Daryl not been to confront her, Carol would have certainly left the group. This time, on her own accord. Things have dramatically changed again during their time in Alexandria. 

Carol at Alexandria
With Season 5 final episodes, we saw Rick and Carol rekindle their friendship and trust as they continued to survey and understand their new surroundings in a bigger world. Carol confided in Rick to take care of delicate and volatile matters in Alexandria, that may prove dangerous to everyone in the community. With Season 6, its clear Carol shared similar goals in protecting their new found home as they fight to survive with the new threats around them. As the situation continues to unfold with Negan, we will see if Rick and Carol ever see each other again though. 

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