November 12, 2015

The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as Negan, in the Walking Dead tv series. When will he make his debut? 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play the villain who has amassed a large gathering of followers with his charismatic and brutal ways, in the zombie apocalypse. Negan is also responsible for the violent death of Glenn, in the comics version of the show. Whether that particular character has the same fate as on the television remains to be seen. The television series has often veered from the comics series with alternate character deaths (example: Hershel beheaded instead of Tyreese, by The Governor) and stories that are often a departure from the source material. In the comics, two other major characters (Morgan Jones and Abraham Ford) meet their deaths in a storyline, prior to Negan's actual appearance.

Negan action figure from McFarlane Toys

We think Negan's television debut would probably show up in the season finale, as a setup and cliffhanger for Season 7.

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