February 4, 2020

Wandavision Doctor Strange Link

Elizabeth Olsen in the Scarlet Witch costume
The upcoming Wandavision show looks to feature Wanda Maximoff in her famous comics costume, as revealed in the latest promotional videos for the Disney+ streaming service and show. The question remains why and how does it into the Doctor Strange sequel?
With the Scarlet Witch set to appear in the upcoming Doctor Strange film, a recent commercial has fans intrigued by the content it has depicted. For one thing Wanda Maximoff as played by Elizabeth Olsen is featured in various timelines and outfits. The imagery is reminiscent of classic American television shows, with Wanda and The Vision as played by Paul Bettany in various situations. 

Wanda Maximoff and The Vision and two cribs?
Past comics stories reveal a major event that involved Stephen Strange trying to "contain" the erratic state of Wanda and her reality-bending powers. Titled "House of M", the story focused on a alternate timeline created by Wanda (with some help from Magneto) in which everyone was granted their hearts' desires. Wanda herself bore two children in this reality. The title of the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel is the "Multiverse of Madness" and could this sequel adapt the "House of M" story and eventually bring forth the X-Men characters, acquired from 21st Century Fox deal? Is the Scarlet Witch the potential big "villain", in the long run?

Doctor Strange
The show could also feature Wanda's two children who eventually become superheroes and become part of the Young Avengers. The synopsis for the second Doctor Stranger is reportedly about him studying the Time Stone. What is the extent of Wanda's role considering, she could use it to bring back Vision? It's too early to speculate but with so many hints, there's a strong chance, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's future film storylines could revolve around Wanda Maximoff.

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