January 28, 2020

Titans Season 3

Titans Season 2 promotional artwork
Despite a few departures, the current Titans lineup remains one large group. With all the events from the Season 2 finale the team looks formidable against well, anyone! Are there just too many characters on this team?

[Spoilers ahead]

The original team, featuring Aqualad
The final episode of Season 2 shocked many viewers with the tragic demise of Donna Troy in a battle against Cadmus. That episode also saw Jason Todd leaving the team for parts unknown and Rachel Roth accompanying the body of Donna Troy back to Themyscira. With the impending arrival and upcoming threat of Black Fire also teased, the Titans lineup should be able to handle her. No other villains or storylines have been revealed but with Conner Kent and Starfire (despite her powers acting up) on the team, does anyone doubt they won’t stand a chance against potential threats?

Kory and Donna
The third season could once again “split up” the team with episodes focusing on smaller groups of characters. We’ve seen evidence of this, in Season 2 with Dick Grayson’s prison storyline, and the spotlight on Gar Logan and Conner Kent’s adventures. Of course, who could forget the rollicking separate adventures of Donna and Dawn Granger aka Dove, Rachel and Starfire in the "E.L._.O." Season 2 episode, and their search for the male Titan members, as well? Unconfirmed reports indicate actress Conor Leslie will return to play Donna Troy once again this coming season. If she is revived, Donna simply adds more muscle to an already stacked team. Jason Todd’s departure and perhaps return, will probably be a factor as well.

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