August 8, 2011

Apple TV Fail

I had my first difficulties with the new streaming feature of previously purchased television shows on the Apple TV. This happend this past weekend, on Saturday morning when you least expect people to be watching television at 7:00am.  I tried to view a show but received an error message stating that the iTunes store, where the content is stored, was not available at the moment.

Apple iTunes

I hope this isn't a sign of the future for Apple's iCloud streaming service. Either that, or they have to build more data centers to store all the content that needs to be streamed to viewers like me.  The whole concept behind cloud streaming is for users to no longer have the need to store local files on their iOS or Mac devices to stream to the Apple TV. That's what the latest update introduced for the Apple TV.  Fortunately after a few minutes, I was able to stream my show(s) again.

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