August 13, 2011

Cable & Satellite Television Customers Cutting Back

Looks like the economic slowdown is causing a massive drop of cable and satellite television subscribers. According to an AP article, viewers are cancelling or forgoing subscriptions due to economic factors such as unemployment, high gas prices and a bad housing market. Furthermore, do we really need all the cable channels that we pay for? I mean how many of us just perhaps 20 shows of the hundreds that are included in our service? 

Pay TV companies should offer A la carte subscriptions in addition to their service plans. Let the subscriber choose a minimum of say, ten shows and charge a small fee for any extra channels the customer wants to order. Charge the necessary licensing fees for each different network the customer wants on this plan. The tiered bundles (Sports, Variety, International, etc.) that my cable company offers is great but in reality, I only watch one or two channels  at the most, within those bundle. 

Offering simple low cost plans will entice viewers back to paying for television. 

Image courtesy AP

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