August 5, 2011

Cruel Summer

The weather has been pleasant in the mornings lately. It hasn't gotten as hot as usual for the past month. The problem is, we're just now in the middle of summer weather here in Los Angeles. It usually doesn't cool down until the start of October from my recollection. Here's a few tips to stay cool this summer.

You have to be creative to beat the summer weather. This means not doing as much outdoor activities as possible. Well, if you have to, then do it early as you can. By all means don't wear dark or black clothing outside either. If you're a movie buff try catch an earlier showing just to be inside someplace cool. Head to the beach if possible. Draw down curtains or blinds during sunrise and sunset, you'll find your place won't be as hot.

Of course, have some ice-cream as well. It's a tasty method to stay cool out there.

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