August 5, 2011

X-Men for iPhone

Konami's X-Men for iPhone (and iPad) is a fun return to the comic-book series' popularity of the 1990s and the same arcade game of that time. This side-scrolling fighting game and cut scenes will remind you of both the comic and cartoon. With a small team of mutants to choose from, the only question now is, which character to play?

The early 1990s were a phenomenal time for the X-Men franchise. A new series launched with artist Jim Lee drawing several interlocking covers and a Saturday morning cartoon premiered, along with a line of action figures from Toy Biz. The cartoon series ended but is still available on home video and internet channels. The toy line is still sought after by collectors.

The X-Men fighting game for the iPhone will take you back to those times. You only have a few playable member of the team but each character shines with their individual mutant powers. Don't worry about using Nightcrawler, he'll kick butt regardless of his limited capabilities. Game play is simple and you fight through many levels and defeat the bosses, comprised of mutants such as the Blob, White Queen and more. 

The on-screen controls can be frustrating at times trying to move your character to avoid blasts and attacks from human-sized Sentinels, robots (Mandroids?) and the boss mutants. You'll travel through an array of levels facing the same threats over and over again. Like the comic, each mutant's special ability is utilized as the special move. For instance, Storm has her weather powers and Wolverine launches his claws in the battle. Cyclops does not use his eye blasts as a regular ability but as a special power which will drain his life meter, similar to the other characters. It is recommended to save your special power when your character is being swarmed by multiple enemies.

X-Men addicts and fighting game fans should consider this app for their gaming pleasure. It is a simple nostalgic side-scrolling action game, that is sure to please devoted fans of each genre. 

Final Rating: A

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