August 29, 2011

G.I. Joe Episodes

After a few minutes of watching the G.I. Joe movie, I really had to turn it off. I'm glad I didn't watch it in the theaters. The plot was just awful and Marlan Wayans' character's sexual advances towards the female character was already a turnoff to begin with. If the producers just wanted to use the movie as a vehicle to sell toys then I could understand. However, they should take another look at the classic cartoon series for sequel ideas. Here's our favorites.

Suffice to say the movie completely deviated from the original cartoon story lines. Fans will recall that it wasn't always about boring battles between Cobra and the Joes. There were some memorable episodes of which some were amazing and completely outrageous. I'm shining the spotlight on three episodes that went beyond the gunfire and simplistic mayhem.

1. There's No Place Like Springfield:

Truly one of the best episodes of the series focusing on Shipwreck in particular. Shipwreck and Lady Jaye are on island rescuing a scientist from a Cobra base when they get separated. After the ensuing battle between the two forces, Shipwreck is captured by Cobra is lead to believe years have passed since that night. Cobra recreates an imaginary town and even a wife and daughter for him using Synthoid technology, in order for him to reveal the secret code the scientist passed onto him. Eventually Shipwreck figures out the awful truth.

2. The Viper is Coming:

One of the funniest episodes involving Barbeque. After he purchases an empty fire station, strange calls begin to happen involving someone known as "The Viper". Barbeque and the Joes think the Viper is associated with Cobra and begin deducing the details of the phone conversations. This leads the Joes into coincidentally attacking Cobra operations worldwide based on incorrect assumptions of the conversations. In the end, the Viper is revealed to be someone entirely different.

3. Glamour Girls:

New Era (eFashion Solutions)

Perhaps one of the most outrageous episodes of the entire series involving fashion models! A aging tycoon Madame Veil, possess a machine that can transfer faces between two people. In this instance, Veil uses the machine for vanity purposes, ultimately to keep herself young. Under orders from Serpentor, Cobra strikes a deal with Madame Veil, to provide her with lots of young women (models in particular) in exchange for the machine. Unfortunately, Low-Light's aspiring model sister gets kidnapped and even Zartan's sister gets caught up in the plot.

Remember, knowing is half the battle!

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