November 1, 2011

Album Review: Root Down by Beastie Boys

Album Review: "Root Down" by The Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys' singles contain various remixes that are worth a listen. "Root Down" is another stellar example.

Straight from the renowned Ill Communication album by the Beastie Boys is this three-song single for the song "Root Down". The first track is the album version featuring an upbeat bassline with some Latin rhythms and the trademark organ sound from producer Money Mark. The second track known as the "Free Zone Mix" features a slower version of the song with a snare drum and bass guitar combo as the background beat. The last track features the "PP Balloon Mix" from legendary hip-hop producer Prince Paul. It's slightly similar to the original track with a similar pace. Overall with this single, you get a great mix of beats that doesn't really alienate diehard fans and casual listeners. It offers more diversity to one's collection.

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Beastie Boys fans, be sure to add this to your singles stash. The "Free Zone Mix" is my favorite remix of this classic gem.

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