November 16, 2011


There's a compelling reason to upgrade your iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS5 that could save you money. The iMessage feature part of the iOS5 update allows users to send text messages to any iOS device without any charge.

iMessages appear in blue
If you're on a limited budget with your texting plan and don't want to get overage charges, iMessage is definitely for you. It's Apple own messaging service that allows users with iPads and iPhones to communicate instantly. Unlike FaceTime, it's simply a messaging feature. Furthermore, the service is a boon to anyone who thinks text messaging is a chore. 

iMessage will run even better with the iPad's larger screen as well, for those who don't own large-screen cellphone screens. The service works over WiFi and 3G networks allowing users to send anyone a message, running another device with iOS5, without any additional costs. For starters, in order to utilize iMessage, all your iPhones and iPads must be running iOS 5.

Your iMessages will turn blue when you converse with someone else running iOS 5 on their device. On your iPad go to Settings and click Messages. Customize the settings to your own information and easily send text messages to iPhone users running iOS 5 on their phones. It's that easy. Although, you may have to include the Subject line in the iPad Settings section, as I've run into, in my own experience.

Sure, the savings is minimal but a little goes a long way!

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