November 18, 2011

REVIEW: Justice League #3

Wonder Woman has arrived! Cyborg's origin continues! And who's that coming out of the WATER? :)

Justice League #3 is another stellar issue by DC honchos Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. Three issues in and this book is definitely becoming one of my favorites of the New 52.

Wonder Woman makes her debut here in #3, and right from the start she's the star of this issue. Other than Cyborg's continuing origin there isn't much development from our other heroes, though they do get ample page space. Brian Azzarello's Wonder Woman hasn't really shown us much of how she was in her past, so this issue is a treat for WW fans. Strangely enough, Batman and Green Lantern were prominent in issue #1, Superman and Flash in issue #2, and Wonder Woman is the star of #3. No complaints, because so far its worked.

What I like about what Geoff Johns is doing in Justice League is that we're seeing our heroes as fresh, young, inexperienced, and interacting with one another for the first time. And Johns is making it fun. Yes, I admit we all already know what more or less is going to happen, and yes I still don't like the idea of a reboot, but like in Action Comics it's in Justice League where we're really seeing the World's Greatest Heroes as new to the whole concept of doing what they do best.

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Aquaman makes his debut in this issue as well, albeit at the end. If the first three issues are any indication, Arthur Curry will be the star of issue #4. Now that the team is almost fully together, this story is getting a lot better, and has gone leaps and bounds above the mediocre #1 issue. I can't wait to read what happens next!

THE GOOD: Wonder Woman has arrived! Just as Batman and Green Lantern headlined #1 and Flash and Superman were prominent in #2, she's the star here in #3.

THE BAD: Aside from Cyborg, not much new development from the rest of the team.

THE ART: Jim Lee's art is once again absolutely amazing.


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