July 17, 2012

Review: American Vampire Lord of Nightmares Issue 2

The horror continues in the latest issue of the American Vampire Lord of Nightmares miniseries. A twist at the end of the story is enough to captivate readers for more!

In only the second issue of the American Vampire Lord of Nightmares miniseries, Scott Snyder unleashes the horror factor with some riveting scenes done by artist Dustin Nguyen. As Agent Hobbes continues the story to Agent Book, Snyder's dialogue is on point and masterful done, especially when little Gus walks in on the conversation. The bulk of the issue reveals much of the vampire history of the protagonist. The pacing of each different sequence is nicely done here by Snyder, so as to not stay too long with a particular moment, but to continually engage the reader. Nguyen's artistry during the flashback scenes is wonderfully done with simple hazy strokes, that it differs from the look of the main story. Despite the lack of detail with his art, Nguyen is able to capture the emotions of the characters perfectly.

As our story continues, the coffin containing the legendary vampire from whom Count Dracula is based on, has been emancipated from the Vassals of The Morning Star headquarters in London. VMS Agent Hobbes seeks to convince Agent Book to help stop the coming terror brought on by the vampire's special powers. Which hits close to home in the final scenes. Snyder and Nguyen present an engaging origin story to fully grasp the upcoming terror with a nice shocking ending to thrill readers.  Horror fans will not be disappointed by this next chapter in the miniseries as revelations are abound and the nightmare has just begun.

Final Verdict: A

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