September 18, 2014

Gwen Stacy: To The Edge With Spider-Woman

Edge of Spider-Verse issue 2 featured the debut of a parallel world Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman. Despite a minor complaint with the story, I see the potential for Gwen's own superheroine series.

Without a doubt, the idea of Gwen Stacy re-imagined as a superhero is both an interesting and exciting prospect.  Edge of Spiderverse issue 2 takes that idea and shows us that Ms. Stacy is more than capable of handling the task.  In this parallel world, both Gwen and Peter Parker are still tragically forever linked, yet their paths travel very different roads in the future.

It's Gwen's turn to be the one saving lives and fighting crime, even if it brings her at odds with her own law enforcement father.  Therein lies the dynamic at the essence of this story: both the child and the parent seemingly want to do good for the better of mankind, yet are at odds with their approach (mostly on Gwen's part though).  This would certainly be a great premise and framework for an ongoing series.


A complaint with Edge of Spiderverse issue 2 is Gwen's own time management. How does her character participate in a band and be expected to attend rehearsals and of course performances? Also, does Gwen's mask muffle her voice? I find it strange, her own father wouldn't immediately recognize her during their ensuing confrontation.

I hope Marvel will jump on the possibility of a Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman solo series in light of another Spider-Woman title.

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