December 22, 2011

The New 52: Wonder Woman Issue No. 4 Review

Hell definitely has no fury like a woman scorned and in this instance, the Goddess Hera seeks revenge on Queen Hippolyta after her affair with her husband Zeus! Can Wonder Woman protect her mother Hippolyta from Hera's wrath? Also what is the God Apollo up to as he consults with another deity?

Writer Brian Azzarello's run on the new Wonder Woman series has been nothing but shocking and intriguing, as he has certainly bestowed enough new changes to her origin. As we have learned from the previous issues, Wonder Woman is the daughter of Zeus from his affair with Queen Hippolyta. This has new ramifications for not only Diana Prince, but for Zeus' spouse Hera who undoubtedly feels humiliated among other things. So Hera now seeks retribution for this painful and embarrassing episode that has involved her husband, the Queen of The Amazons and our hero Wonder Woman.

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Wonder Woman parties with Strife?
Wonder Woman feeling guilty
In issue No. 4, Wonder Woman has abandoned Paradise Island, to gather her thoughts and is partying the night away with Zola, Hermes and Strife. After an emotional talk with Zola, who discusses her family troubles, Diana feels guilty about leaving Hippolyta behind. Unfortunately at the same time, Hera has now descended on Paradise Island to confront Hippolyta. Believe me, Hera isn't there to sip a cup of tea with her and have a quiet discussion. Meanwhile Apollo has consulted with Aries about a possible run for the throne, as Zeus is nowhere to be found.

Overall, you will not be disappointed with issue No. 4. Although I must admit I'm not pleased with Wonder Woman's new origin. I don't think it's quite honorable for her to be conceived like that and I wish DC would have disapproved this new direction as it tarnishes her legend. Furthermore, it's also humiliating for Hippolyta and reduces her regal stature to be associated with Zeus in that regard.

The Good: Good story and artwork

The Bad: See what happens when you cross paths with Hera

Final Verdict: A

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