April 12, 2016

The Walking Dead: Season 6 Characters

Season 6 brought about the debut of Negan. Viewers were treated to a brief but powerful glimpse of the man who created despair and trauma for the Alexandrians. Despite Negan grabbing most of the attention throughout the season, we saw some notable changes with our established characters.

We've seen Carol and now Father Gabriel, go through some interesting personality changes this past season. Does Carol now feels the burden of guilt with all her actions. On the opposite end, Father Gabriel was last seen stepping up to the plate and asserting himself beyond spirituality. Whatever sparked this new attitude in Father Gabriel, perhaps to atone for his failures in leadership at the onset of the zombie apocalypse, Rick Grimes was certainly pleased.

Both characters started out with tame depictions early on, in the television series.  Viewers saw Carol Peletier's transformation from meek housewife to heroine and at times, ruthless killer, sparing no mercy to those who stood in her way. We cheered on Carol's heroics in rescuing the team at Terminus. As the season has progressed though, Carol's contact with fellow Alexandrian Morgan, began to alter her new found way of thinking. Her story and transformation isn't over as we witnessed in the season finale.

Father Gabriel's background is one of sadness as well. When the walker outbreak began, he wasn't too helpful in aiding his congregation. His early actions in Alexandria and mistrust of Rick Grimes, have been detrimental to the residents there. However, his sudden transformation into a determined and brave team member, from his past cowardice, has certainly been a surprise. So much that Rick Grimes fully entrusts him with Judith.

Now, as Rick Grimes and team face a dire situation in the Season 6 finale, time will tell if Carol and Father Gabriel will be there to aid the Alexandria team in the upcoming season.

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