April 10, 2012

Facebook Instagram

What should Facebook users expect with the company’s recent acquisition of photo-sharing company Instagram? As we noted a while back, Facebook did make an attempt to purchase the company previously and was unsuccessful at that time.

Facebook users should see some of the same tools and functionalities that have made Instagram a phenomenon with iPhone users, namely photo filters. It shouldn’t be too long when the social networking giant will finally provide it’s user base when their own set of photo-editing techniques such as adding Sepia or black and white filters to their photos. After all, a glance at the current Facebook photo user page shows some similarities to Instagram’s own photo pages.

Instagram page for individual photos
Facebook page for individual photos
Finally, we hope that Instagram remains independently run by the same people. Instagram users shouldn’t expect any changes as far as the ability to share photos to other social networking sites, but only time will tell.

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