April 12, 2012

Marvel AR

After reading our paper copy of Avengers vs. X-Men, we noticed the red AR icon on some of the pages. It's actually the new augmented reality technology feature/app utilized by Marvel Comics, to showcase additional content within non-digital comic-books. With this feature, readers can use their mobile phone cameras (iPhones and Android devices for now) to experience the additional content. It literally brings your comic-book to life with motion-style animations and slideshows, voice and video content. However, it can be cumbersome holding your device in such a manner and it would seem that tablet devices are better suited to view these features.

In Captain America issue 1, Rick Remender talks about his new series

In AvX issue 7, writer Matt Fraction discusses the Namor/Emma Frost kiss!

In Fantastic Four issue 1, writer Matt Fraction discusses his new series

Along with it's Marvel NOW! initiative, Marvel is easily bringing a whole new dimension to comics with this technology. If done right, it can truly engage readers even further by allowing them to discover content that delves deeper into the stories and characters. Expect to see it utilized in other notable titles as well.

Download the app for your iPhone:


  1. This is gonna be an awesome arc. I have always hated the X-men except Wolverine. Cyclops isn't really worth to be the leader of X-men. Though I'm surprised to see Wolverine on the side of Avengers on that cover. Still a good thing though. I wonder if Sentry will make an appearance here.