May 30, 2012

Review: Amazing Spiderman Issue 684

With the Avengers being soundly defeated by the Sinister Six, does Spiderman still have a chance to defeat Doctor Octopus' mad plan? Who else can help the wallcrawler save the world?

Ends of The Earth Part 3

The striking variant cover by Gabrielle Dell'Otto should simply be called "Enter Sandman" instead, as we find our hero on his own, with the Avengers down and defeated in the previous issue. However, just as Doc Ock is about to celebrate the fall of Earth's Mightiest Heroes by the Sinister Six, Spiderman is hastily spirited from the battlefield by none other than Silver Sable. 

Together with the rescued Black Widow, the three stand alone to stop Doc Ock's continued to conquer the Earth.  Furthermore, Doc Ock continues with his threats against the world governments, as he demands payment for finding a solution to the common problem of global warming.

Using Symkarian technology, the three protagonists are off to an abandoned factory in the Sahara Desert being utilized by Doc Ock for his technology. By the way, let me just add how awesome it is, to see this trio working together! Unfortunately though, the installation is abandoned and is a trap set up by Doc Ock. Okay, notice I mentioned the destination being the Sahara Desert? Who else would serve to strike against the trio than the Sandman?

The Sandman almost wins but the wallcrawler saves the day thanks to a little app called "Pink Hippo". You'll see how it works in capturing the Sandman.

Overall, Amazing Spiderman Issue 684 is a great read with fantastic pacing and dialogue by writer Dan Slott. Humberto Ramos' art is a bit cartoony for my tastes but he definitely delivers with his sharp artwork, literally.

Final Verdict: A

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