May 15, 2012

Review: Nike Max Uptempo

Nike Max Uptempo

The shoe once worn by Scottie Pippen has made a recent comeback. Does the Nike Max Uptempo relive those glory days of the Bulls championship years? 

The Nike Max Uptempo is best known as being worn by Scottie Pippen during the 1995 to 1996 championship season. Moreover, that same year also saw the debut of the famous Air Jordan XI as worn by Michael Jordan. The styles of both shoes uniquely complemented each other as much as the famous duo themselves. Having just been recently rereleased by Nike, I grabbed the chance to experience the shoe one more time. Of course, I’m positive it will be available again for the retail markets in ten years or so.

The Max Uptempo features a fully visible Max Air unit which provides comfort and a bit of height for certain players, especially those slightly under six foot, like me. Given that the Uptempo is essentially a high-top shoe, you’ll find limited ankle range but definitely stability. As such, players in the guard position which requires a lot ankle movement than simple pivots and two-steps, are not suited for this shoe.

Admittedly, when I first tried on the Uptempos, the fit seemed a bit small and tight. I’ll assume breaking it in will definitely take some time in loosening up the rigidness of the shoe. Additionally, you may want to purchase a size bigger or use thinner socks at the most. The sole is quite stiff and tight so prepare for some pinching around the ankle area.  

For the technologies used by Nike in providing comfort, this particular shoe just doesn't live up to it, in that regard.

Final Verdict: B

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