May 22, 2012

Review: Wonder Woman Issue 9

Continuing the shocking conclusion from last issue, Brian Azzarello and company showcases spectacular views of Hell itself as we find our heroine, ready to walk down the aisle with Hades.  The rollercoaster ride that Wonder Woman has been through, hasn’t stopped yet as we are about to witness her wedding to Hades.

Interestingly enough, we’re also introduced to other new deities in this issue.

Wonder Woman issue 9 is a more subdued story for readers.  Granted, there’s not a lot of action going on, but we are given glimpses of the underworld and it just so happens to be not your typical portrayal of Hell. There’s no evidence of fire and brimstone to be seen but Azzarello does give readers a world consisting of despair and just plain bleakness. I don’t who came up with the conception in the visually sense, either guest artist Tony Akins or Cliff Chiang but you can feel the coldness and lack of emotions conveyed beautifully by the striking artwork and respective colors.

I’m surprised Wonder Woman hasn’t gone completely insane during her time here so far. Hades has a final test for Diana though, so that he’s certain her emotions are in fact true.

Strife's explosive chat with War
Azzarello delivers some great and witty dialogue with these characters as well. Don’t miss the interactions with Strife and Ares or War as he’s been known so far. Of course, Diana’s friends, Zola, Lennox, etc. are off to rescue her with the help of Hephaestus. Furthermore, we meet Hephaestus beloved wife Aphrodite, as well. Stay tuned as Azzarello delivers another amazing cliffhanger ending that leaves you waiting for the next issue!

While I miss Chiang’s artwork, Tony Akins has been wonderful so far.

Final Verdict: A

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