July 25, 2012

Review: Batman The Dark Knight Issue 11

The Scarecrow continues his psychological terror on Gotham City, preying on more victims. On top of that, where is the missing Commissioner Gordon?

DC Comics' Batman The Dark Knight has been so underrated compared to Scott Snyder's series, as it quietly moves on with it's new writer Gregg Hurwitz. It has been a tremendously exciting series packed with cliffhanger endings and the introduction of Bane in it's initial story arc. Hurwitz masterfully continues the dark tone of the book with his debut and focus on The Scarecrow. We know that Jonathan Crane was part of that same initial series story arc, plunging the Dark Knight into his deepest fears, after being exposed to Crane's toxins.

In Batman The Dark Knight issue 11, Hurwitz showcases the maniacal and deadly Scarecrow once more, embarking on his reign of terror and horror on Gotham's citizens. In addition to this menace, Hurwitz depicts a painfully busy and distracted Bruce Wayne, seemingly unable to balance both sides of personal life and that of a crime fighter. Hurwitz delves further into the past of Crane, showcasing his early childhood horrors as well. Although, I have to admit I wasn't pleased with his portrayal of Batman trying to sneak into Crane's home, at the end. Artist David Finch's panels are explosive and filled with just so much action. The cover was just not exciting for me though compared to past issues.  

Final Verdict: A-

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