March 9, 2024

Spider-Man: The Black Costume Saga

Such a cool outfit so why did Spider-Man return to his original costume?

The famous black costume or the Symbiote suit debuted in Marvel Comics' Secret Wars miniseries. Amazing Spider-Man issue number 252 marks the first time, we see Peter Parker don the suit in the series. The concept of the suit evolved during writer David Michelenie and artist Todd McFarlane's time on the Amazing Spider-Man comics series. Mary Jane Watson Parker’s terrifying encounter with Venom, prompted Peter Parker to discard the black & white costume and return to the iconic original Spider-Man
outfit. The final time we see Parker in the black costume is in issue 300.

Kraven the Hunter dons a symbiote style costume in a storyline prior to the change and the start of the Michelenie/McFarlane run, though. Within a year of his defeat, Venom returned to menace Spider-Man once again! Marvel Comics must’ve sold a lot of comics from that first encounter with Eddie Brock as he would again return the following year, during the start of artist Erik Larsen’s time on the series!

To the delight of some fans and much to the dismay of Mary Jane Watson-Parker, Peter Parker dons a similar black costume in McFarlane’s 1990s solo Spider-Man series. Eddie Brock and Venom never appear again throughout McFarlane’s time on the solo title though. McFarlane would eventually depart the book and Marvel Comics altogether, leading to launch of his own creation Spawn!

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