July 10, 2012

Review: Before Watchmen - Ozymandias Issue 1

Adrian Veidt looks back at his life in the first issue of his miniseries. Falling a bit flat with any new additional content, writer Len Wein adds an interesting connection to an old Watchmen foe.

What readers should take from the debut issue of Ozymandias is a recollection of his life, right before the fateful decision to teleport the monster to Manhattan. Writer Len Wein doesn't break any ground here but instead has to conjure a twist with and to Moloch, to make Adrian Veidt's life more interesting. It goes without question that unfortunately despite being the world's most smartest man, Veidt's portrayal and what we know of him, has been dull. Veidt's life suffers from being just too ordinary, although being a self-made billionaire, you'd it would have more grandeur and adventure.

Artist Jae Lee's work and panel details are simply amazing. The colors by June Chung certainly complement his artistry and give each page an extra "oomph", making them more vibrant, despite being a lackluster story. Granted, Veidt's life wasn't as detailed as his other Watchmen comrades, in the miniseries. Instead, Ozymandias issue 1 results in a glorified retelling of his origin in issue 11 of the Moore and Gibbons miniseries. The only saving grace is a plot twist, Wein develops, near the end of this debut issue.

Final Verdict: B

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