July 18, 2012

Review: Captain Marvel Issue 1

Despite some hesitation, Carol Danvers takes the name of Captain Marvel in her new series. Add some special guests in her debut issue and readers will be pleased with writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Dexter Soy's entertaining offering.

It's hard to judge Carol Danvers with what with DeConnick presents for the readers, as she comes in with a mixed bag of emotions. She can be confident and headstrong in the heat of battle but at the same time, express hesitancy and respect with some of her actions. I would've enjoyed the story more without the latter. Granted DeConnick doesn't want Danvers to just usurp the title right away but personally I believe it's a Danvers trait that just doesn't click with me and could do without. DeConnick adds some subtle subplots with the Helen Cobb flashback storyline at the end but lacks any suspense for readers to jump onto the next issue.

Overall, the debut issue is action packed with good writing from DeConnick and likewise pacing between the scenes. The dialogue is soundly done here but regrettably Creel's words just didn't jibe with me.  Soy's artwork is just literally out of this world and his panels showcase it. It's as if the action will jump out of the book! One of my favorite scene is the one with Spiderman and Captain Marvel, oh you'll know it when you see it. The helmet that Danver's sports is also a nice touch. Readers with the Marvel AR app are in for a treat with some background content so get your phones ready!

Final Verdict: A-

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