March 11, 2013

Kraven vs. Otto Octavius: The Superior Spider-Man

Dr. Otto Octavius was not the only Spider-Man villain to wear Peter Parker's costume. In fact, Kraven The Hunter singlehandedly defeated Parker one-on-one to usurp the role. Who was more superior though in Parker's place as Spider-Man?

In the classic storyline, "Kraven's Last Hunt", the Wallcrawler's longtime villain Kraven The Hunter, succeeds in capturing Spider-Man and actually donning the famous black costume (at the time) albeit a perfect simile.  Parker remained unconscious and buried in costume while the Kraven/Spider-Man is insanely intent on proving himself as more superior to Parker in every way. For the next weeks, Kraven tussles with street criminals and gets the best of the creature Vermin in a brutal sewer battle. The irony being, it took both Spider-Man and Captain America to defeat him previously.

With Otto Octavius currently "residing" in both body, mind and even costume of Peter Parker/Spider-Man as the Superior Spider-Man, who would actually be considered "Superior" between both villains?

The Case for Kraven:

- Defeats Spider-Man by himself
- Buries Peter Parker in a grave
- Defeats Vermin by himself
- Goes mad and kills himself

 The Case for Octavius:

- Defeats Spider-Man and takes over his body
- Defeats the Sinister Six, Vulture
- Kills the villain Massacre
- Develops new toys and weapons for use against crime
- Storyline is currently underway

Our Winner: Octavius

Despite the unfortunate use of lethal methods to stop the crazed villain Massacre from committing more acts of violence, we rank Otto Octavius as far and above, more "Superior" than Kraven. Octavius' many contributions with the use of Horizon Labs technology to stop crime, guarantees safer streets and the public at large as well.

Images via Marvel Comics

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