September 19, 2012

Review: Batman & Robin Issue 0

The introduction of Damian Wayne in the New 52 timeline is showcased here. While the issue doesn't cover anything new about the prodigy, issue 0 touches upon the fierce development of Damian, under his taskmaster mother.

Damian Wayne has always been a favorite and intriguing character to me. He is a product of and a remnant of the DCU continuity legacy. Unlike Jean Grey or Elektra, Damian is one of those "do not disturb" kind of characters that just can't be replaced by reboots. With two current titles that feature the adventures of Damian and his father Batman, the character's popularity is unquestionable. However, the zero issue of Batman and Robin, fails to deliver anything spectacular about the young hero despite a stellar story by Peter Tomasi and good artwork by Pat Gleason.

Batman and Robin issue 0 offers an aspect of Damian's life that perhaps isn't what most readers would truly want to be showcased.  Tomasi portrays Talia al Ghul's character as a jilted lover and mother, honing her creation as a pawn in the eventual conflict with Batman.

Furthermore Tomasi, leaves us wondering more about how much Talia truly cares for the young one. Ultimately though, is he just bred and groomed to be some disposable weapon, against The Dark Knight as well? Gleason's artwork complements the entire issue very well despite no resounding revelations about the young heir to the empire.

Final Verdict: B

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