September 5, 2012

Review: Earth 2 Issue 0

It's the origin of Earth 2's tragic villain or misguided hero?  What led Terry Sloan the 8th Wonder to turn against his allies in the war against Apokolips?

For "Zero Month", DC Comics and writer James Robinson have delivered a unique origin story of sorts. Now we've all witnessed the rise and births of the current lineup of JSA members Green Lantern and The Flash. In Earth 2 issue 0, we get a completely different story and instead of focusing on the heroes this time around, we learn all about Terry Sloan. Initially, Sloan fought alongside with the heroes of Earth 2 against the invading threat of Apokolips. However, Robinson fills us in on why he chose another route, to battle the forces of Darkseid. A choice that unfortunately brands him a traitor amongst his own kind and those that knew of his heinous act, are deceased.

I won't draw any parallels with any other character left to choose humanity's fate with their own hands but Sloan is quite a character to WATCH, MEN like him are rare. Robinson does pose a dilemma with Sloan's strategy, allowing for fans to actually begin to cheer him on and side with this former hero. I have to admit that I'm one of them. However, maybe Sloan is indeed a madman as well. Robinson throws more subplots with hints at upcoming possible story lines leaving readers drooling for more. At any perspective, the introduction of Terry Sloan leaves us with another intriguing character for all to enjoy and suffice to say, we haven't seen the last of him!

Earth 2 issue 0 may not be what most fans were expecting but they should not miss out on the many hints Robinson populates the story with. The issue sets the stage for his plans for the Earth 2 series.

Final Verdict: A

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