October 10, 2012

Review: Batman Issue 13

The body count is always high when the Joker is around. Once again, he's exacting deadly revenge, with Gotham City's police force taking the brunt and hitting close to home, literally for Batman. What lies ahead for the guardian of Gotham and his allies?

With the highly anticipated return of the Joker, writer Scott Snyder wastes no time with the brutality the Clown Prince of Crime is known for. Multitudes of Gotham's police force fall victim to Snyder's unnerving portrayal of the Joker's tactics and sadistic ways, as he begins his deadly killing spree once more. If you've enjoyed Christopher Nolan's and Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker, then you'll feel right at home with Snyder's story. Not as sadistic as the Alan Moore version in The Killing Joke but far more brutal and definite. The problem is, the Joker has only just begun and the sad part, Batman and team are always one step behind.

Artist Greg Capullo does the same bang-up he always does for the Dark Knight, especially in the scenes featuring Commissioner Gordon confronting the villain.  Batman issue 13 is also a nostalgic look at the Joker with the Red Hood references. As a bonus for readers, there is an equally terrifying backup story featuring Harley Quinn, with striking visuals by artist Jock.  Snyder's dialogue for the Joker in this small sequence is brilliant done and just as scary. The slow simmering build-up in the main story is coupled with an equally shocking ending. Hang on readers, the Clown Prince of Crime has returned!

Final Verdict: A

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