October 17, 2012

REVIEW: Legends of the Dark Knight #1 (Print Edition)

No annoying Owls, no New 52 retcons, and an appearance by Tim Drake as ROBIN? Quite possibly one of the best Batman comics of 2012. No, seriously.

Appearing for the first time in print, Legends of the Dark Knight is a compiled release of the first three short stories of the 2012 digital-first series of the same name. All three stories are stand-alone tales and take place outside of regular current DC continuity. It's a nice breath of fresh air after a year of New 52 frustration and confusion. Just classic stuff really, and any fan of Batman old and new will enjoy this series. 

If you aren't down to the pay the $4 cover price, each story is available digitally for $.99 cents. Since the series is digital-first, it was meant to be read digitally and supposedly a much better experience. I prefer print so I'll leave you all to be the judge! :)

Batman drinks coffee?
Ever wonder that Batman's weakness really is? In "The Butler Did It", writer Damon Lindelof and artist Jeff Lemire take a look back at a young, arrogant Batman/Bruce Wayne as he learns a valuable lesson or two from the ever-wise and faithful Alfred.

"All of the Above", my favorite story in the issue,  pits Batman against Justice League villain Amazo. Stranded alone on the JLA Watchtower, Batman's "powers" are put to the test. (Keep an eye out for the Adam West reference.) Kudos to Jonathan Larsen and JG Jones for reminding us why Batman is so awesome.

Guess who?
Finally, "The Crime Never Committed" penned by Tom Taylor and drawn by Nicola Scott features Batman intervening to prevent a crime that he knows will be committed. Tim Drake makes an appearance here in his classic Robin costume, and I can't say I didn't squee just a little when I turned to that page.

THE GOOD: Just a great book with three superb stories that highlight Batman's strengths and weaknesses. Nothing too over the top or shocking, and a nice break from all the frustrations of the New 52. I dare say, it ranks as one of the best Batman issues of 2012.

THE BAD: Absolutely nothing wrong with this issue. 

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