November 1, 2012

Review: American Vampire Issue 32

Events have now come full circle for our heroine Pearl and her team. There's a traitor among their ranks as her world comes crashing down!

Frankly, I didn't know what to expect with current "Blacklist" storyline at the beginning. Going beyond a simple arc involving hunting and eliminating vampires in Los Angeles during the Communism scare and then turning the story into a tragic and unforgiving saga for both readers and the characters. Within the past two issues of this arc, writer Scott Snyder has shaken up what we know of these characters and their eventual fates remain to be seen but at this point, it's not turning good for them.

The brilliance of Snyder's story is not the current plot itself but rather the underlying subplot of the group's downfall. It's sad to see the characters turn out this way, especially after enjoying their camaraderie in the early issues of American Vampire. However, that's what also makes Snyder's story all the more emotional and powerful as the enemy isn't the obvious one in front of you but the one that pretends to be your friend behind you.

It's not hard to understand Hattie's point of view and feel sorry for what she had to go through, which is detailed in issue 32. The one-time innocence both young aspiring starlets shared so long ago, seems so dim now thanks to antagonist B.D. Bloch as revelations of betrayal sum up most of this issue.  As I've mentioned in previous reviews, it pains me to see the characters go down this road and issue 32 turns the entire cast of American Vampire upside down with the story. It's an otherwise riveting story filled with dark surprises not only for Pearl but for readers too. You'll either still love Skinner Sweet or hate him as much as I do now. Artist Rafael Albuquerque's amazing pages are on point as usual with certain panels just...coming to life with action!

Final Verdict: A

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