December 18, 2012

Instagram User Privacy Update

An overview of Instagram's forthcoming Terms of Use, which allows it's parent Facebook to use your own photos in advertisements.

Instagram's revised Terms of Use, which goes into effect on January 16, 2013, has some eye-catching new details.  The privacy policy update allows for the sharing of user photos with parent Facebook but also grants Facebook/Instagram the right to utilize user photos in advertisements without compensation at all, for the users. As a business, Facebook has to generate some income in order to keep the service afloat and to make profits for investors, since it is a publicly traded company. Unfortunately for users, this is one aspect the company decided to go forward with next year. Furthermore, companies profiting from user data is certainly nothing new. Like their online brethren, brick-and-mortar companies have always collected and sold user data as well.

You can either cancel your account with the photo-sharing service by January 16 or actively delete personal photos that you wouldn't want to be seen on a much larger scale without your consent or seeing any residuals from. There are alternatives like the Hipstamatic App, which was also an early iOS sensation, for it's photo-filter services or the venerable website Flickr.

Via USA Today

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