December 4, 2012

Review: Captain America Issue 1

From a battle high above Manhattan to far off Dimension Z, Captain America is in for quite a ride in his new debut issue! What new adventures await Steve Rogers?

Writer Rick Remender delivers a pulse pounding debut issue and kicks things off for Captain America, by showcasing hints of his past and establishing to readers, why and what makes Steve Rogers so determined as a hero. It's a personal look into his past setting up a thrilling escapade in the first few pages. However, that's only the teaser as the real story begins further in the issue, when we find him and S.H.I.E.L.D agent, Sharon Carter headed off to a mysterious adventure.

Remender does a wonderful job displaying the many facets of Captain America, especially the dialogue between Rogers and Carter. It's delightful to see the potential of this relationship flourish as the series progresses but given what readers will experience with this debut issue, let's hope Rogers and Carter find the time! Overall though, you'll find some sharp and interesting dialogue from the various characters. Legend John Romita, Jr. provides some equally electrifying artwork he's ever done for any series. If you've followed him since either his Uncanny X-Men or Daredevil days, you'll see subtle enhancements to his simple and fluid style, giving each panel a more detailed look. The color work certainly complements the story with each page brimming with vibrant and warm colors, thus making it easier to differentiate what each Romita, Jr. panel is trying to convey.

It's exciting to see this new creative team start things right with a captivating issue!

Final Verdict: A

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