December 11, 2012

Review: FF Issue 1


Reed Richards recruits a team of "replacement heroes" to stand in their place while the Fantastic Four is away. One of them is not too happy about being asked.

You'd think it would be an honor to be personally selected by one of the founders of the Fantastic Four, to be part of a substitute team while the four team members. In the case of Ant-Man Scott Lang, he had a different notion altogether and perhaps his current traumatized state has an effect on his personal life. That's at the heart of writer Matt Fraction's newest FF series with the MarvelNOW! initiative. Other members like Ms. Thing, Medusa and She-Hulk were willing to be part of the selected heroes but with Lang, Fraction adds a plot twist, with Ant-Man's initial hesitation. 

It remains further to be seen where this subplot goes but it does add an interesting element with Lang, still grieving for his loss and whether he's around for the foreseeable future with the team. Fraction's emotionally intense scenes with Richards and Lang dominate a debut issue that takes us on a recruitment drive, high above Manhattan Island. Less on action but more emphasis on introductions (some scenes recall elements from the "You've Got Mail" movie) form the bulk of the rest of FF issue one. The adventure is only getting started.

Artist Mike Allred adds his own unique perspective with eye candy-esque panels and pages that are just plain stunning. Allred fans past and present will not be disappointed with dramatic scenes and powerful imagery, bringing Fraction's words to life!

Final Verdict: A

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