February 25, 2013

Batman, Incorporated: The Heretic

The showdown between Batman, Inc and Leviathan has reached its most devastating point as the casualties mount for the Dark Knight’s global team. We examine the history of the mysterious Heretic and his connection to Damian Wayne!

Batman and Robin Issue 12
After choosing to follow his father’s footsteps instead of the role Talia al Ghul desires, she reveals to Damian Wayne that she has a cloned him from the same “augmented DNA combinations”.  This clone is ten years younger. This is revealed in Batman and Robin issue 12, after Damian and Dick Grayson as Batman pay a visit to Talia. All of these events happen in pre-New 52 continuity where Batman/Bruce Wayne is trapped in the past.

Batman and Robin Issue 12

It’s not until Bruce Wayne’s return that we actually witness that initial meeting of the adult clone and Damian Wayne in the Batman: The Return special. In that issue, Bruce and Damian travel to a distant land for some investigative duties and in the aftermath, Damian and the clone known at this point as “Fatherless”, have a quick confrontation as the being leaves.

Batman, Inc. Leviathan Strikes special

In the Batman, Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes special, we finally witness both The Heretic, as this being is known and Talia al Ghul together as Leviathan makes it move.  More recently though, The Heretic has trounced the Batman, Inc team as Leviathan finally exerts it’s muscle and destroys everything The Batman stands for and loves, even his own son. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

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