February 27, 2013

Review: Batman, Incorporated Issue 8

Damian Wayne and The Heretic confront each other one more time. What will the outcome be? This is the moment you've been waiting for! 

It's difficult to review a story that's already been leaked to the general public. While the gist of the story has already been explained that are still some amazing elements left to be discovered in the latest issue of Batman, Incorporated. With Batman, Incorporated issue 8, it's full circle for Damian Wayne and his earlier encounter with The Heretic in the Batman: The Return special. I won't divulge what's already publicly known and for the most part, writer Grant Morrison delivers the final scenes, leading up to Damian's death exceptionally well. It's hard not to shed a tear or many, for the prodigy as he simply overwhelmed by his mother's forces. In the end, Morrison's offers more tragedy and loss for the Dark Knight's global team.

The dialogue and scenes between young Damian and Dick Grayson echo their earlier pairing when both were fresh-faced heroes, off to protect Gotham City in Bruce Wayne's absence. The tragic outcome shouldn't come as a surprise given it's ominous blood stained emblem hint in issue 7. Morrison's send off for Damian is in line with how he's always portrayed the phenom, cocky, headstrong, yet a seeker of justice and a fighter until the end. I am reminded of Damian's own brutal ways in a previous encounter with The Joker. Damian was bold and brazen in this unfair confrontation with the clown prince and he was quite determined though. Unfortunately, the outcome against The Heretic is far more severe. I didn't find anything cheap about what Morrison has in store for readers here. The manner in which Damian meets his fate is nicely done.

There are some bright spots in this issue though as we witness Ellie's triumphant moments, as she factors in some key moments for Team Batman. Artist Chris Burnham delivers some fantastic work once again. The opening sequence and aerial scenes from Damian's perspective, leading to Batman's escape from the safe, seen in the previews is simply spectacular. If you will only purchase one issue from this series besides this one, pick up issue 4. You will get another glimpse of the entire Batman, Incorporated team in action but triumphant. Former boy-wonders Tim Drake and Dick Grayson are fitting guest stars in this thrilling yet tragic issue, since they were a part of Damian's introduction to his father's family.  

Final Verdict: A

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