February 6, 2013

Review: Superior Spider-Man Issue 2

The adventures of the Otto Octavius/Peter Parker mash-up have just begun! How will those closest to Parker react to the Otto/Peter personality?

Superior Spider-Man issue 2 by writer Dan Slott and artist Ryan Stegman has a lot more surprises in store for readers who initially panicked at the thought of the new Spider-Man. Concerns were raised during Octavius/Parker's more intimate moments with those personally associated with him, namely Mary-Jane Watson! Issue 2 directly tackles this element head-on but with a twist that readers will not expect if you make a judgement by the cover alone! Slott has more tricks up his sleeve to entice and excite readers with this new personality combination and issue 2 provides more of that. At best, it resolves any fear or panic regarding the Mary Jane situation with Slott brilliantly devising a reason for this aspect.

Stegman again, wonderfully captures the new combination of Octavius/Parker so well, right down to the facial expressions. The reader can experience the sheer arrogance of the combo right through the panels, coupled with Slott's dialogue. It's not just limited to the combo character either. There's a tremendous amount of dark humor within each issue that is just so compelling. Superior Spider-Man continues the new era for Spider-Man so don't miss out!

Final Verdict: A

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  1. it looks like you took the panel that i really like most while reading this issue! awesome! like this much! totally love the review! dude! cheers!