February 6, 2013

Review: Earth 2 Issue 9

Can Jay Garrick escape the clutches of The World Army? Two new wonders make their debuts as well! Action fans, issue 9 is for you!

Heroes from our first arc make their way back in issue 9 as trouble follows Jay Garrick where he goes. Writer James Robinson fills up the issue with action and so much goodness, who knew fans deserved this much enjoyment from one issue! One great element Robinson often uses within the series, is a tremendous amount of characterization, which readers will find again when they finally meet Dr. Fate aka Khalid Ben-Hassin. A few of the intro pages are keenly set on him so don't miss out on meeting the New 52 version of Dr. Fate. The World Army makes it's presence felt again in this issue and as much as I've despised them, Robinson's global group of characters have certainly fascinated me as well. Readers will enjoy page after page of action and suspense!

Artist Nicola Scott returns with her visceral style capturing the World Army magnificently. There is a fair amount of detail within the pages of issue 9 so you have admire her work here. Scott's vibrant panels top off another excellent offering featuring our parallel-Earth heroes.  Really, this issue is filled to the brim with so many surprises and suspense! We will not reveal it to you! Two new wonders and a new villain debuting, make Earth 2 issue 9 another can't miss read!

Final Verdict: A

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