February 21, 2013

Review: Superior Spider-Man Issue 3

Which villain will suffer the wrath of the Superior Spider-Man? Find out as writer Dan Slott spins another emotional tale that'll leave you wanting for more!

If you've been enjoying the Superior Spider-Man series as much as I have, you've no doubt pondered when is the eventual return of Peter Parker in the role he's known for.  It's an inevitable reality as the movie sequel will play a role in forcing Parker's return. Issue 3 of Superior Spider-Man makes it difficult for me to have Peter back as I am enjoying Otto Octavius in the driver's seat. Slott crafts another emotional tale with the villain Vulture succumbing to the new Spider-Man persona. The story itself will tug at your heartstrings, as the sadistic ways of the Vulture are revealed and another glimpse into Octavius' past is brought to light once more. The subplot featuring Carlie is featured again and almost reaches a boiling point here!

Wondrous visuals by penciller Ryan Stegman complement the great issue.  In some panels, Stegman and Slott give the reader a close-up view of the action, literally. The last few pages featuring the climactic showdown between Vulture and Spider-Man are pure eye-candy. The dialogue and scenes with J. Jonah Jameson are entertaining. Will I be saddened when Parker comes back as the one true Webcrawler? Certainly and this issue is a reason why. 

Final Verdict: A

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