March 13, 2013

Review: Fairest Issue 13

Writer Lauren Beukes' Rapunzel saga reaches it's stunning conclusion. Do we get a fairy-tale ending or bloodshed, to resolve her past, in the final issue of the storyline?

Fairest issue 13 concludes the Rapunzel storyline written by acclaimed author Lauren Buekes. The epic finale between one-time lovers Tomoko and Rapunzel is ended in a way that most readers weren't expecting: a fairytale ending. Oh sure, we get some bloodshed and Rapunzel does suffer a bit under Beukes' watch. Readers will also see the important role Jack Horner plays in all of this as Beukes saves the best for last, with him.  The finale, featuring decades-long animosity from the past, gives way to a bright future although Beukes certainly leaves some family issues unresolved. Perhaps that's another tale for another time. The real point Beukes conveys though, is that love wins out, in the end. Beukes' stories stored some Japanese pop culture references, here's hoping you caught all of them.

Beukes and artist Inaki Miranda have certainly left their mark with these Fables characters. This brief look at Rapunzel's past was quite exhilirating filled with history and certainly mystery. Miranda goes the distance again with some spectacular full-page work and at times, two-page wonders. The little touches and borders Miranda added to the flashback scenes throughout the series, certainly showed his attention to detail and creativity. Here's hoping either one will make another journey back to the land of Fables.

Final Verdict: A

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