March 5, 2013

Review: Hawkeye Issue 8

It's the long awaited Valentine's Day issue tie-in as Penny makes her return to Hawkguy's life. What trouble does she bring with her this time?

Right off the bat, Hawkeye issue 8 is just one of the stylish book out there day and that's not even the interior art we're talking about here. Artist David Aja simplicity with the cover artwork has been wonderfully and striking at that. Aja doesn't crowd the covers at all, relying on minimal art to convey the issue's story. His dizzying array of panels via writer Matt Fraction's script is daunting at first but each so crucial to the story. His work has a tantalizing blend of pop art as well. Artist Annie Wu provides an interesting framing sequence to the start of each new chapter in this issue.

Fraction takes the reader on another high-octane adventure with issue 8, not stopping with where we started. The fairly short story lines have been great so far and the return of many characters and villains in this issue is quite thrilling for what's in store. We encounter the Tracksuit Draculas and some very powerful Marvel villains to end the issue.  Fraction brings readers full circle with many elements previously introduced in the early issues.  Combining threats that will certainly spell doom for our Hawkguy.  Issue 8 should be on your reading for it's dynamic visual storytelling coupled with a great story arc that seems to be reaching it's near conclusion.

Final Verdict: A

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