February 27, 2013

Future Foundation Issue 8 Cover Art Fun

Who thought comic-books could be this fun? Peep the amazing (and transforming?) cover art for Future Foundation issue 8! Interactive fun from writer Matt Fraction and artist Mike Allred!

Future Foundation or FF as it's more commonly known, has an interesting cover design for it's upcoming issue 8. Artist Mike Allred's cover art is reminiscent of the foldout pages in the back of the popular Mad Magazine, where a image was formed when you folded the page together in the middle. We wanted to verify the comic-book's coolness factor by testing the foldout itself.

The results are below:

Nothing but Doom for the Future Foundation? Notice the FF logo at the top as well. FF issue 8 goes on sale with this innovative cover art by Mike Allred. Original full cover:

FF issue 7 cover art by Mike Allred

Image via Marvel Comics

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