March 5, 2013

Review: Superior Spider-Man Issue 4

Writer Dan Slott takes readers down a somber and serious tone with this story, as the Superior Spider-Man must correct a mistake. A mistake that has lead to deadly consequences. How far will Otto Octavius go for justice and retribution?

While the Superior Spider-Man series has been filled with a dark comedic vibe since the beginning, writer Dan Slott has a far more serious story presented in issue 4. The story is filled with many future subplots and details that brings back another old villain into Octavius/Parker's life again.  This is revealed at the end but the central focus of issue 4 involves the psychopath Massacre and his dire actions. It's these actions that Spider-Man must correct after wrongly assuming the best of Massacre's personality. Slott throws an interesting element here, at what cost will Octavius resort to, after the violence depicted in this issue? Suffice to say, Superior Spider-Man issue 4 has many dark elements that fill the story. Is the moment that we've been waiting for Slott to present? The darker side of the Octavius/Parker combo?

Artist Giuseppe Camuncoli does an amazing job with this particular issue. Some of the early pages in the story are really wonderful and eye-popping. You can witness the intensity of the emotions on the characters' faces with some panel closeups. He adds a nice touch with the eyes of each character as well! Camuncoli adds a nice touch to the optical areas of the Superior Spider-Man costume. Overall, despite a rather sad and somber vibe, Superior Spider-Man is a fantastic read, exploring a different side to the new personality.

Final Verdict: A

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