March 6, 2013

Review: Fairest Issue 12

The saga of The Hidden Kingdom continues, as the history of Tomoko and her journey into our world is revealed! What other secrets will be exposed?

Fables issue 12 finally sheds the spotlight on Rapunzel's current nemesis and past lover Tomoko. Writer Lauren Beukes depicts Tomoko's depraved actions for the survival of the Hidden Kingdom Fables.  It's almost hard not to admire Tomoko during these past events considering how Rapunzel had abandoned them in the Celestial City. However her actions within the last few pages sets the stage for an epic showdown in the concluding chapter, next issue. The final fate of Ryogan is also revealed as his reign of terror was mildly brief and his death, oh so spectacular. Poor Jack Horner, as he tries his best to escape and I'm almost saddened to believe he was merely used by Beukes for some comic relief. I do hope he plays some sort of special role in this saga as his presence has been for the most part, insignificant.

Overall, Fairest issue 12 delivers a tremendous amount of closure for Rapunzel's history. It was a great touch by the writer to present Tomoko's side of the story as well. Buekes and artist Inaki Miranda once again will delight readers with a story focusing on both past and present elements of our protagonist Rapunzel and her sordid history. Miranda has drawn some eye-popping pages here, especially with the battle at the Gardens of Nara. The flashback scenes are also well done by Miranda, showcasing a different border style with each particular scene. Despite the quick exit for Ryogan, which felt a bit rushed, Fairest issue 12 is another solid read.

Final Verdict: A

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